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Welcome to the Lenox Laser Knowledge Base.


References and Guides

High Power Laser Apertures - Guide to High Power Laser Apertures

High Power Applications - ... The selection of an aperture for use in the light pass of a high energy/high power laser requires careful consideration ...

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Diffraction Grating Calculator

X-ray Diffraction

Bragg's Law X-Ray Diffraction Applet


References and Guides

Flow Control Mathematics - Reference guide to Lenox Laser's flow calibration process and comparable mathematic formulas.

Common Semiconductor Gases - A list of common semiconductor gases and molecular weights

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Pinhole Photography

References and Guides

How To's, Tips, and Techniques - Various how to's, tips, and techniques for pinhole photography.

Pinhole Sizing References - Pinhole sizing formula and various calculators for determining the size of pinhole apertures.

"Leaving Station" - Paul Prober

General Knowledge


Powers of Ten - Distance vs Time

Speed of Light - Speed of light (186,000 mi/sec).

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